Online Auto Title Loans Bluffton, South Carolina

Heavy rains left the ground waterlogged, and the heavier rains that followed caused flooding in areas that don’t or shouldn’t flood. Homeowners dealing with this type of situation may have decided they didn’t live close enough to the water to get flood insurance, but their house is now wet and in ruins. Regular homeowner’s insurance won’t help, so what can they do about the situation? Finding cash to help with repairs is as easy as title loans in Bluffton.

/ What are Title Loans Bluffton? /

Title loans in Bluffton are a simple transaction where a lender and borrower come to terms around collateral. Basically, the borrower signs over their car, truck or other vehicle and gives the title to the lender. The lender gives the borrower cash and places a temporary lien on the collateral. Once all payments are made, the lien is taken off the vehicle, and the borrower gets their title back. Loan amounts are based on the value of the vehicle, and borrowers will not have their credit checked. For those with poor or bad credit, it means the lender is not reviewing their payment history in order to make a loan decision. Loans are approved based on collateral, and anyone who owns a vehicle and is at least 18 years old can apply. Applicants should have a job or get income from another source so they can afford to pay their regular loan notes.

/ Title Loans Bluffton Applications /

Our application for title loans in Bluffton require you to give us your name and a way to contact you. After that, you only need to provide a handful of details about your vehicle, such as the make, model and mileage. With that information, we can determine the value of your car and give a loan estimate. We’re confident you’ll like our offer, and we’re ready to work on the whole loan package right away. This won’t take long, and when we’re done, you can get the title certificate to us so that we can get the cash to you.

/ Auto Title Loan Legal Information /

After a title loan has expired, South Carolina allows borrowers to renew the loan up to six times. Loans are set for at least 30 days, and with renewals, can be up to 240 days. Borrowers who change their mind about getting a title loan can cancel it if they repay the entire amount within one business of taking the loan. Lenders planning to repossess a vehicle for missed payments must give the borrower written notice and 20 days to make all late payments.

/ Title Loans in Bluffton Benefits /

Whether it’s an urgent need or not, you don’t want to wait for your money. That’s why our application for title loans Hilton Head Island and Bluffton and the processing of it move so quickly. Most people get cash in a day or less. Credit checks are not part of the title loan process, so breathe easy if you have bad credit. No one is going to look through your payment history or use that information to decide whether or not you deserve a loan. Bring in your vehicle for loan security, and expect to be approved for the loan. Getting title loans lets you avoid trying to get a bank loan, which includes more paperwork and takes longer. It could be days or weeks before a loan officer lets you know whether or not you get the money. Title loans also keep you out of the pawn shop. Why take multiple small items to a pawn shop when you can use one big item, your car, to get a title loan?